17 October 2014

On bullying

I had discussed Question 2 for MUET Trial 1/2015 a couple of days ago with 6B1.
Some of them seemed to get the idea.
Some were not.
Afternoon class is always a bigger challenge, I know but it is your loss for not listening and paying attention.

To those who did, here something extra to read on bullying. (LINK)

Read more.

08 October 2014

Getting back on

It has been long and I personally could not find a reason strong enough to start blogging again.

Here are the issues which somehow hinder me from writing as much as I did a few years back :

1. Our students stay in a hostel : It means most of the time they have to abide by a certain schedule. It is different if they stay at home. I find them accessing the Internet more being at home. During school days, the entries will be left unread as they have limited time to go online.
2. Our students do not like reading : It means even if they go online, they do not read. Even if the links provided will take them to some worthy articles to be read, they won't click the link to read it. Even if it is just a 100-word entry, they won't read. I know. I have tested it out.
3. Our students prefer interactive module : Blog reading is not interesting. Unless it is some fan fictions or romantic series or any other content which is not so academic or school-related, school-based or school-anything.

Oh, whatever it is, even if nobody is reading, I think it is still okay to give it another shot.
Just because I feel like it.
Why not?

That is why it is said, where there is a will, there is (insha Allah) be a way.
We'll see how much will do I have this time around.

21 April 2014

Reading this

My favourite thing these days
I have at least 30 books in my to-read list this year. That means I have to read 2 to 3 books per month.
This is the book I am currently reading and since I keep on rereading some parts because the ideas are so inspiring, it might take me some time to finish reading it.

What's on your list this year?
If you do not have one, maybe it is time to start thinking.

26 November 2013

Year-end Holiday package 2013

To all Lower 6 2013,

No Year-end Holiday Package for you.
Have a proper rest so when you come back next year, hopefully, you are well rested and ready to go all out.

Happy holiday.